A Touching Tale of Gratitude: Rescued Penguin Crosses 5,000 Miles to Reunite with His Kindhearted Rescuer
Animals sometimes can be more grateful than humans 🐧❤️👨‍🦰 No one can be indifferent to this exciting story, which is about a strong bond between a kind man
Unlike Hachiko, this dog’s life did not end waiting for his owner to return  
A big example of dog faithfulness!  🐕🥹 When an old woman brought this adorable dog home from the street, she thought they would enjoy their lives for so
A Heartwarming Tale of Unlikely Family Bonds: How a Puppy Became a Surrogate Mother to Three Baby Raccoons
Friendly baby raccoons, that turned out to be absolutely adorable  🤗🥲 The local animal rescue center called to a couple to ask for something. The mother of the
Victoria Beckham explains why she removed her husband’s initials tattoo  
The celebrity gave a simple explanation to rumors. Recently, rumors began to spread on the Internet about the breakup of one of the powerful celebrity couples, David and
Can you guess how old this granny from Ukraine is and what her secrets to ageless beauty are?
This is how this elderly Ukrainian woman looks 30 years younger than she is This absolutely unique Ukrainian woman amazed everyone with her non-standard appearance at her age.
It’s great that this man had the chance to have a better place to live, but that would mean giving up the dog  
The close contact between Dickerson and Dude. For Donald Dickerson, a dog is his fashionable fellow, and for him, he is ready to give up almost everything. Every
This is what the legendary stars from “The Lord of the Rings” look like after over 16 years
How the great actors from “The Lord of the Rings” have changed after 16 years The talented actor E. Wood was still 20 when he was offered the
The puppy with its splendid  eyes exploited the internet
The little dog with its cutest eyes now is a shining star in the internet   It´s thought that the eyes are the reflection of the spirit. We want
Meet this unique jerboa- a mixture of a mouse, a kangaroo and a rabbit who has the biggest ears compared to its body
This exclusive mixture rodent is perhaps the strangest and cutest creature you have ever come across The mother nature always surprises us with the most uncommon and admirable
This ingenious dog owner fulfilled the dream of many pet owners creating a desk chair for animals who need extra attention
This creative woman’s perfect idea to invent a desk chair for pets who seek for attention from their busy owners In the recent years, there has developed a
The poor doggy didn’t leave his lovely person’s workplace even knowing that he would never return
The hopeless animal remained loyal to his died friend. It is so exciting! The story of Buboy attracts millions of people from all over the world, who spent
After being kept in captivity for over a decade these two whales eventually taste delights of freedom
Once these awesome whales are released from captivity, the warmest smile appears on their faces It actually took efforts, unlimited kindness and firm determination to rescue these beluga
A lovable baby duck’s gesture dozing and covering his little head with a flower hat goes viral on the internet
The nature won’t ever stop making us admire its absolute perfection and breathtaking beauty of flora and fauna. It always comes with something new and adorable that attracts
A little koala got confused and distressed after finding out he had lost his home as a result of deforestation
Our current civilization makes a lot of species of animals suffer by stealing their natural habitat in order to satisfy the benefits and needs the human faces at
Boston Terrier meets with a cow… Amusement occurs
This is a very funny story about how a friendly pooch wants to play together with a cow. Although the cow seems to be denying the dog’s efforts
A fearless pit bull rescues her owner’s daughter, who was 7 month-old from a flaming fire
During the fire, that broke down in California, in one of the rooms of 4th stored house, a dog, named Sasha arose her owner Nana Chaichanhda and was
The Puppy ‘Destructs’ Every Toy But She Can’t Help Loving the One That Is Alike Her…
Karissa Lerch from Durham, North Carolina, always had a cherished dream to obtain a dog but she also understood that sharing her house with a furry chummy would
A Talented Photographer Caught the Rare Scene of a Flock of 10 Sperm Whales Who Were Sleeping Vertically
I wonder if the sperm whales sleep? And if yes, then how? Despite the fact that this question seems to be very simple scientists had to look for
The Cat Who Was Abandoned in Winter in the Village Had Been Eating Only Grain But Fortunately There Awaited Good Changes for Her
A group of volunteers received a message on the New Year’s Eve about an emaciated cat who had nestled in one of the village houses.  Apparently, the animal
Ciberian cat Yamaneko conquers social networks with his unsurpassed acting 
Translated from Japanese “Yamaneko”-“wild cat”. If this is a characteristic of the acting talent of the cat Yamaneko, than the name is ideal. The Ciberian cat loves to
“No pressure on the owner!” 10 emotional photos of cats
For the sake of cherished piece of some tasty treat, the cats are ready for anything! Without a twinge of conscience, they brazenly try to steal food from
A Labrador Had Been Sitting at the Entrance of the Hospital in Argentina All Week Waiting for the Owner
The Labrador named Toto didn’t know that his beloved owner had passed away and he continued to wait for him in front of the doors of the hospital
9 Cozy Photos with Pets That Melts the Hearts of Many People
Photos with pets or children always cause a storm of positive emotions. Even if we are not in a good mood we can just look at the faces
A Couple Rescued a Skinny Puppy With a Piece of Plastic Wrapped Around Her Neck
Brittany Sallinger and her fiancé cannot look indifferently at abandoned doggies and catties. They also periodically work as volunteers in one of the shelters who help homeless pets.
A Very Fat Monkey Was Sent to a “Weight Loss Camp”
It turns out that there is a special camp in Thailand where primates are engaged in weight loss.  Among the inhabitants of the center there is an unusual
10 Photos of Big Fluffy Cats Who Captivate with Their Beauty
Oh, those purring lumps are so sweet! But some of them grow up and turn into real furry giants. If such a catty falls on you, it will
 The history of the monument to the cat Semyon in Murmansk
In Murmansk you can find a unique monument dedicated to a cat-hero named Semyon. The animal was able to return to its native land, having traveled about 2
The dog was stolen, and he was found-but so far from home, that a full operation was carried out to return him
The end of the year is coming, which means that good stories are pouring down on us as is from a sack of Santa Claus, which is the
The Canadians thought, that they bought mini-pig, which grew up not at all mini. But the owners were not embarrassed
The appearance pf pets always changes dramatically the lives of their owners. But sometimes this change gets another unexpected twist, when the pet turns out not the one,
Grandma thought, she was taking care of three kittens until her grandson noticed, that one of them was not a cat at all
A guy, named Erik Hertlein decided to visit his beloved grandmother in Kansas. She told him, that she had adopted several stray cats and allowed them to sleep