The poor doggy didn’t leave his lovely person’s workplace even knowing that he would never return

The hopeless animal remained loyal to his died friend. It is so exciting!

The story of Buboy attracts millions of people from all over the world, who spent his day sitting in front of his favourite person’s workplace, who had taken care about him before dying.

Buboy sat in front of the faculty of one of the colleges in Pampanga, Philippines. He wanted to see his lovely friend, but his efforts to open the door or passing many hours there were useless because that man had died. That scene was noticed by one of the workers who made plans how to help the poor baby.

Marcelo was the name of the expected person, who took care about the doggy. Even there were some cases that he didn’t have lessons in order to come to his lovely doggy and fed him. His colleagues described him as very kind and helpful man who supported everyone.

It was very difficult for the poor doggy who believed that his lovely person would return. And he waited in the same place for his arrival.

Seeing the poor doggy’s bad condition the man’s colleague decided to take the faithful animal to his grave to say goodbye last time.

Now the doggy was a bit calmer because he had had an opportunity to see his lovely man once more, but it was so exciting that now he didn’t want to leave the man’s grave.

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