Fans hardly recognized her: Hollywood actress Roberts who gained weight was recently caught by the paparazzi

Here is iconic actress Roberts who has gained weight and is hard to recognize

The charming and demanded 55-year-old actress was lately caught during her vacation. When taking a look at the recent photos of the “Pretty Woman” taken by the paparazzi, it becomes apparent that the film star has definitely gained much weight during this relatively short period of time. Some netizens even claimed that the iconic actress is hard to recognize. In these shot, her belly is clearly seen which literally shocked her followers.

“She is no more the same!”, “She used to be a miniature and lovely girl”, “Roberts is absolutely perfect no matter what!”, “She was, is and will always be an unearthly beauty”, “What a gorgeous woman”.

“Many dream of looking like her at 54”, “To my mind she looks gorgeous at her age”, “Gained much weight!”, “What a belly!”.

Many hold the opinion that Roberts has changed greatly and doesn’t look attractive and graceful anymore. Do you agree with the commentators?

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