Meet this unique jerboa- a mixture of a mouse, a kangaroo and a rabbit who has the biggest ears compared to its body

This exclusive mixture rodent is perhaps the strangest and cutest creature you have ever come across

The mother nature always surprises us with the most uncommon and admirable animal species that we have barely ever seen. Now, meet this absolutely adorable long-eared jerboa that is actually a mixture of a rabbit, a kangaroo and a mouse.


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Публикация от VALERIY MALEEV (@valeriymaleev_photographer)

This once-in-a-lifetime rodent was captured on camera and reminds us of a cartoon character or something like that. Being native to the parts of Gobi Desert in northwestern China and southern Mongolia, this unique creature is thought to have the biggest ears on our planet comparing to its body size. It has a relatively long tail as well.


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Публикация от Joel Sartore- Photo Ark (@joelsartore)

Due to its comparatively long back legs, they can effortlessly make high jumps with the help of which the exclusive creatures are able to catch some insects which are a necessary part of their diet. Their bodies, believe it or not, are perfectly designed for surviving in such distant and dry places as their ears help them a lot to release terrible heat. They are usually hiding from the people in the deep sand in tunnels.


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Публикация от Zoological Society of London (@officialzsl)

The infrequent and amazing creature was first caught in 2007 by one of the London expeditions and, as the workers confessed, these type of animals is among the strangest and most unusual species they had ever witnessed while studying the nature.


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