A Talented Photographer Caught the Rare Scene of a Flock of 10 Sperm Whales Who Were Sleeping Vertically

I wonder if the sperm whales sleep? And if yes, then how?

Despite the fact that this question seems to be very simple scientists had to look for an answer for rather a great while.

But the photographer Franco Banfi could not only to watch but to photograph the sleeping sea giants as well in every single detail.

Just enjoy!

Scientists managed to record the sleeping sperm whales only in 2008 for the first time.

In the course of further research some scientists could establish that the cuties belonging to this species spend about 7% of their lives sleeping and dreaming.

These unique sea beauties seem even more fearsome when compared to humans.

Sperm whales who seem to be clumsy are considered to be the embodiment of grace and harmony in their native ocean elements.


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