Boston Terrier meets with a cow… Amusement occurs

This is a very funny story about how a friendly pooch wants to play together with a cow. Although the cow seems to be denying the dog’s efforts to become friends! And it’s an exciting moment when the dog, Miss Piggie meets the cow, Suzanne requesting to play together!  

They might seem to be an unusual pet friends, but it is worth saying, that this budding friendship may last longer. The cheerful dog tries to win the hide-and-seek game, but the cow goes after him everywhere. When you think about a cheerful animal, you immediately remember a dog. They like to make friends with everyone, in this situation with the cow. 

This photo shows, that the cheerful dog plays with the cow on the green field. The affectionate puppy immediately make friends with the cow and now they are indivisible, or maybe the dog thinks so! 

The cheerful puppy does everything to attract the cow’s attention and it seems to be completed. The adorable puppy is in a very good mood and runs happily around the field! 

After all the dog does everything to befriend with the cow, although it seems, that the cow isn’t that much curious to contact with the dog.  


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