Unlike Hachiko, this dog’s life did not end waiting for his owner to return  

A big example of dog faithfulness!  🐕🥹

When an old woman brought this adorable dog home from the street, she thought they would enjoy their lives for so long, but age and illness separated the couple, leaving only good memories.

The woman was taken to a hospital and stayed there forever. It remained unacceptable for her dog, who waited for his beloved owner for three years.

Fu Shi, her faithful pet, used to sit near his owner’s house and waited for her return for hours. Neighbors were touched by the scene and they did their best to provide the doggy with much food and water, but the sweet animal continued to look for his human everywhere. No one could explain him that she would never return.

But Fu Shi’s life didn’t end there like Hachiko, as his story became famous in South Korea, and many animal lovers offered their assistance.

As a result, the cutie now has a loving family and is surrounded by caring people.

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