A fearless pit bull rescues her owner’s daughter, who was 7 month-old from a flaming fire

During the fire, that broke down in California, in one of the rooms of 4th stored house, a dog, named Sasha arose her owner Nana Chaichanhda and was able to save her 7-month-old baby by herself.  

As the Internet website posted the dog’s story of how it began whimpering under her owner’s room.  

The dog could enter into the room and went to the baby’s bed, and managed to execute the baby out of the house.  

Nana woke up, saw the fire and went out of the flaming house with her daughter and pet.  

After some time, firefighters arrived and abolished the house.  

“Thanks to the pet, we could leave the flaming house”. Sasha is competent for their lives. She rescued all of us. “She is our savior” told the girl.  

Due to the pet’s behavior, no one was hurt.  

Only the girl’s house and the neighbouring building were extremely flawed.

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