A Couple Rescued a Skinny Puppy With a Piece of Plastic Wrapped Around Her Neck

Brittany Sallinger and her fiancé cannot look indifferently at abandoned doggies and catties. They also periodically work as volunteers in one of the shelters who help homeless pets. One day Brittany’s beloved man found a pit bull puppy under a car who was eerily thin.  The kid was so scared that she didn’t want to get out from under her “shelter”.  The guy even called Brittany to help her take the doggy home.

The kind couple took the foundling home, fed her fully and then washed her for a long time.  Then a volunteer girl named Martin called for the baby and took her to the veterinarian.  The specialist found out that the cutie is 4 months old but she looks much smaller because of her thinness.

Martin took the baby to her and named her Itty Bitty which is translated as “Little Pitty.”  Thanks to her excellent appetite the petty began to quickly gain weight.

It can be seen that the doggy was bullied before that’s why she was so timid but pit bulls quickly forget the harm that had been done to them and they start trusting people again.

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