This ingenious dog owner fulfilled the dream of many pet owners creating a desk chair for animals who need extra attention

This creative woman’s perfect idea to invent a desk chair for pets who seek for attention from their busy owners

In the recent years, there has developed a worldwide tendency to work from home without commuting from home to workplace spending a great deal of time and energy and always be with your family, whereas this type of working can sometimes cause troubles for pet owners. You certainly know that work requires a lot of concentration, focus and calm mind to be successfully completed, yet, people who work from home, unfortunately get troubled or bothered by their needy pets. They usually interrupt us the reason of which is they lack of attention and tenderness.

And for this youtuber and inventor from Sweden it became something habitual to get disturbed by her adorable tiny pup. Thus she tried to somehow solve the concerning problem. She managed to invent a desk chair which would give her a chance to work without being constantly interrupted totally holding attention and focus on work, and also lets her cute pet curl around her just like he is sincerely fond of. The lady explained she wanted to create a special chair for pets that always seek for attention and support from their working owners.

After creating such a vital thing, she shared her work on social media and added that many people even replied that was exactly the thing many dog owners need and dream of.

In the following footage she eagerly describes how she succeeded in creating such an ingenious and essential thing for the pets who need extra attention and thoroughly explained the whole process of her invention.

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