“No pressure on the owner!” 10 emotional photos of cats

For the sake of cherished piece of some tasty treat, the cats are ready for anything! Without a twinge of conscience, they brazenly try to steal food from the table and they don’t care, that the owners can see anything. The expression on the faces of these insatiable creatures will make you smile, and more than once. So, let’s see!  

“Will not give it back! And don’t even ask!” 

Striped hot dog lover  

“This is lucky, so lucky!”

The extreme skewer is definitely mine!” 

While the owner turned for a minute 

“Don’t throw yourself at me! And who will share?!” 

“Hmm… this food has poured in!” 

“My cookie!” 

Vaska in anticipation of pancakes  

This is what an ideal owner means-he shares the last piece with the cat! And how! 

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