Can you guess how old this granny from Ukraine is and what her secrets to ageless beauty are?

This is how this elderly Ukrainian woman looks 30 years younger than she is

This absolutely unique Ukrainian woman amazed everyone with her non-standard appearance at her age. Many rushed to claim that the woman looks 35-40 years younger than she actually is. Believe it or not, she is already 61!

The Ukrainian diva is the prime example of that women can still look amazing and attract hearts even in their 60s. She herself can hardly believe that she has already turned 61.

As Svetlana mentions, it is not obligatory to be a world famous star in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Her secrets to “ageless” beauty and attractiveness are quite simple: she regularly trains in the gym and eats in a proper way.

The unique Ukrainian woman already has an army of admirers and suiters who admire Svetlana’s strong will and determination.

What is more, Svetlana owns a beauty salon and enjoys her popularity all over the world.

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