Ciberian cat Yamaneko conquers social networks with his unsurpassed acting 

Translated from Japanese “Yamaneko”-“wild cat”. If this is a characteristic of the acting talent of the cat Yamaneko, than the name is ideal. The Ciberian cat loves to make faces and arrange tragicomedy out of the blue.  

The reaction to tasty 

The happy sleep 

Scrunches the cheese stick 

Who has meowed on me?  

Strange, so strange!  

In ambush 

Caught! But its not tasty… 

Autumn blues overtook 

Yamaneko clean 

Rubber band! 

Why did you wake me up? 

An eye sees, but a tooth doesn’t  

Wow what! And give me a little, too? 

Siberian breed, furry! 

 And what are you doing here?  

Seems to have found. Its time to hide 

An amazingly charismatic cat 

What a handsome man, and even so charming! Real talent! 

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