The Puppy ‘Destructs’ Every Toy But She Can’t Help Loving the One That Is Alike Her…

Karissa Lerch from Durham, North Carolina, always had a cherished dream to obtain a dog but she also understood that sharing her house with a furry chummy would bring lots of obligations.

Apart from that she couldn’t afford to raise a puppy during her college years, so she decided to buy a toy wolf instead of that!

Some years later her cherished dream was realized when she got an Alaskan Malamute puppy. She named her furry friend Luca.

“I handed down the fluffy cutie to her and she kept it by her all the time”. “It’s her child. She carries it with het everywhere she goes and she always takes it with her when she goes to sleep and she  is so gentle with it.” – the mother posted on Reddit.

As it is known at first the fluffy cutie was named Luca but then he was renamed Mr. Wolf because it would be difficult for the family to have two Lucas.

However, the family tells that only because of the special bond between the lovely puppy and her closest fluffy friend that Luca  the cutie destroyed all of her stuffed animals.

It seems that Luca the cutie believes the toy is one of her own types because it resembles her so much. The photos of Luca and her soft toy-friend won hearts of lots of social network users!

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