10 Photos of Big Fluffy Cats Who Captivate with Their Beauty

Oh, those purring lumps are so sweet! But some of them grow up and turn into real furry giants.

If such a catty falls on you, it will probably be hard but it will also be so nice! 

This is not a soft toy but a living, real Maine Coon. Just a dozen kilograms of love and affection. 

I have no excess weight it’s just a fur coat. 

Once the owner was told that this cute kitten is the most ordinary one but some time later it turned out that almost a tiger grew out of him. 

Such a great and beautiful catty.

This big guy loves to sit in the arms. 

It seems that this catty will soon weigh more than his owner. 

Holding him in your arms isn’t so easy at all. 

How do you like this giant cutie?

How you can not fall in love with such a beauty? 

These cute cats are so lovely even though their purring wakes the whole area up.

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