I was the one who took care of my mother with cancer only to discover it was my brother and aunts who inherited her fortune

The lawyer gave me an envelope and said «Your mom loved you more than anymore»! For the full story – see the article!

Today’s interesting story was shared by a woman who left no one indifferent. The whole thing is that she was the only one who took care of her mother with cancer. She decided to cancel everything and not to have fun so as to be by her mother’s side.

On contrary, her brother and aunts were greedy and indifferent. They came to the terribly sick woman only when they needed something, more specifically money. Before long, her poor mother passed away and hard times came.

She was the girl’s best friend and biggest supporter without whom she couldn’t imagine her life. Some time passed and the lawyer appeared with an envelope in his hand. Just imagine the girl’s surprise when he announced that her $5 million were left to her brother and aunts.

To say that her heart broke into thousands of pieces is nothing to say. She couldn’t understand why her mother did so since she was literally the only one who was by her side and held her hand during the last minutes of her life.

But suddenly, the lawyer exclaimed «Your mom loved you more than anymore» and handed me the envelope. As it turned out, she left me an entire house which seemed to be out of a fairy tale. She definitely taught them a lesson.

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