Dad and his fiancee exclude the daughter from their wedding and this is what the girl decides to do

Teen girl is not allowed to be at her dad’s wedding and see what she does in this article!

Today’s article is about a teenage girl who was endlessly happy to know that his dad found the one with whom he was ready to share the life. She was raised by a single father and the news that she would soon have a stepmother made her excited.

She had known the woman he chose for already a long time. They were on good terms and the girl was more than sure that she would be the best stepmom ever. However, soon she found herself heartbroken to find out that she was not invited to their wedding.

The whole thing is that the couple organized an event to which only adults could come and no children were allowed. She was devastated to discover that her dad and future stepmom excluded her from the long-awaited wedding.

Also considering the fact that her birthday was in two days, it was heartbreaking to realize that she was not allowed to be present at their wedding. The girl decided to celebrate her birthday on social media not letting her dad and stepmom do anything.

This caused mixed reactions, yet most network users were on the teenage girl’s side.  What do you think?

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