My mother-in-law demanded $200 for cleaning the house while I was in labor and this was my reaction

Her words «You owe me money!» hit me like a sharp knife and this is what I did! For the full story – see the article!

It goes without saying that especially during the first weeks after welcoming a baby, a couple needs assistance, simply put, helping hands. Today’s story is about one family who had just welcomed their son.

Once entering the house after the difficult labor, the couple found a note left from the mother-in-law which, believe it or not, required 200 dollars for doing the chores. The whole thing is that the mother-in-law decided to help them.

She thoroughly explained what specific tasks she completed and required 200 dollars in total. The spouses were astonished and couldn’t find words. When they contacted the mother-in-law, she claimed that she had no ill intention.

The couple has no idea what to do and seeks advice! What can you say?

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