Mother-in-law insists that her son leaves his pregnant wife alone for her birthday and this is what happens next

Man replies «My wife comes first» and hits his mother like a sharp knife! For the continuation – see the article!

One man has shared his story and seeks advice whether he was wrong doing the following or not. It was the birthday of his mother. There was a dilemma where to go and celebrate it and the family had disagreements and even quarrels.

The mother-in-law insisted on going to the seafood restaurant that she liked. On contrary, his wife didn’t like that at all and was strongly against going there. The man, torn between his parent’s restaurant choice and his wife’s discomfort, suggested a nearby option due to her pregnancy.

His mother, however, didn’t like it and started to claim that they should choose a seafood restaurant and leave his wife alone at home. The last straw came and the man replied «My wife comes first» which came as a sharp knife to the woman.

The man prioritized his wife’s well-being and considered other options. The situation, however, resulted in mixed reactions among network users. Some were more than sure that he showed disrespect to his mother, others found his decision the right one.

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