My adult stepdaughter and her kids made a mess of our home and this is what I did when the last straw came

Am I wrong kicking my stepdaughter and her kids out of our house? For the details – see the article!

Today’s interesting story is about one married woman who has never been on good terms with her husband’s daughter Trudi. When they tied the knot, she was 22 and now already 14 years have passed. One day, her husband and she were enjoying time when Trudi called them.

Trudi is a mom of many kids. She immediately started crying and complaining about their poor financial state. Trudi asked to move in with them for a while until she found job and could make living. The family reluctantly agreed.

As soon as she became a member of their family, a chaos started. They literally made a mess and strongly refused to help the woman around the house. In fact, they lived free of charge and payed for nothing.

One day the woman returned home and found everything in a mess. She had no words to describe her disappointment and frustration. This was the last straw and her husband and her decided not to be their free caregivers anymore.

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