My stepdaughter missed no chance to humiliate me and I decided not to provide her with a shelter. Am I wrong for doing this?

After facing dilemma for ages, this is what I decided to undertake! For details – see the article!

The stepfather always had to endure his stepdaughter’s insults and contempt silently! Her stepdaughter, Juana, and her father, Juan, didn’t miss the chance to make him feel humiliated.

Even given the fact that her stepdaughter’s bio father took little part in her upbringing and didn’t care about her at all, he was more «deserved» to walk her down the aisle. She didn’t even consider whether her stepdad would be upset about that.

And now, when the man’s wife passed away, it was up to him whether to keep in touch with her or not. He, of course, loved her endlessly and unconditionally, but he could no more endure such behavior.

Time passed and Juana faced financial problems. The stepfather had a tough period deciding whether to provide her with shelter or not. He, eventually, didn’t agree to give her as much place as she asked for and evoked provocation.

The network users shared mixed opinions. The majority, however, agreed that the man made the right decision not letting her in and accusing the girl of respecting her caring stepdad not enough.


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