My boyfriend’s son deliberately scared our 3-month-old infant to tears and this is what I did when I had enough

The last straw came and I kicked my boyfriend and his son from my house! Am I wrong doing that? See the article for more!

Today’s story was shared by a woman who had just had a daughter with her boyfriend. Something unpleasant happened and she now seeks advice to know whether she did the right thing considering her hormones and postpartum depression.

It has already been 2 years that today’s heroine and her boyfriend have been living under the same roof. The man had a 12-year-old son from his personal relationship, while the couple had a mutual 3-month-old daughter.

Everything was fine until the woman noticed her stepson deliberately scare the infant. He found it amusing to scare her with a loud voice and then witness her reaction. She had warned him multiple times to stop doing that but still no results.

She warned Jack that the infant was sensitive and that loud voice could harm her ears and there was no meaning in his action. She was desperate, while her boyfriend saw nothing wrong with that and believed she was just overreacting.

The last straw came and the woman threatened to kick them out of their house unless they stopped getting on her nerves. She claimed that if he scared the infant again, they both would be erased from her life forever. So they promised not to do such things anymore.

Just imagine her surprise when she heard the baby hysterically crying shortly after she peacefully let her sleep. The moment she heard the noise, she jumped into the room and saw Jack making fun of her again.  They tried to apologize.

But nothing could make her change her mind. She kicked them both out of the house and regretted nothing.

What are your thoughts? Did she do the right thing?

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