Husband does a paternity test the moment his daughter arrives and loses his mind after discovering the truth

He sees his newborn, takes a paternity test and see what he finds out in this article!

It stands to reason that welcoming a baby into this world is one of the most rewarding that the life can offer. Today’s story, however, will cause controversy. It is about a couple who has been married for 2 years.

Their happiness and excitement knew no bounds the moment they were hit by the big news that their family would soon be expanded. However, the long-awaited arrival of their daughter raised many questions and left the spouses speechless.

The moment dad saw his newborn baby, he could find no words to express his disappointment and astonishment. The whole thing is it that both the parents had dark hair and brown eyes, while their infant was born with fair hair and blue eyes.

To his wife’s great surprise, he decided to do a paternity test. The woman surely knew that no one but her husband could be her baby’s biological father, but she reluctantly agreed. The man spent days in his parents’ place while waiting for the results.

When the final results came, the spouses sat together and were eager to read it. Just imagine the man’s surprise when the test revealed that the girl’s biological father was actually him. The wife exclaimed «I told you so» and they burst into laughter.

This, however, caused controversy. People were quick to claim that if he actually trusted his wife and was a dedicated family man, he wouldn’t suspect and insist on a paternity test.

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