Mother-in-law ruins the bride’s wedding demanding that she paid for her makeup and hair and this is what they do

She claimed «Your 350 dollars are nothing!» and see what happened next in this article!

Only few minutes were left until the long-awaited wedding that the mother-in-law jumped into the bride’s room and demanded that she paid for everything, her makeup, hair and all the preparation.

One may say that there is no wedding without a trouble and this time it wasn’t an exception too. The bride gave 350 dollars to her mother-in-law so that she could pay for her makeup, hair and dress with the intention to give her a pleasant surprise on that special day too.

Everything was great until the moment the mother-in-law jumped into the room where the bride was in the midst of preparations. She threw an envelope without even telling the bride that she looked good.

The poor girl opened the envelope and saw that the dress cost 500 dollars,300 dollars went for makeup and 350 dollars for hair. MIL exclaimed that her miserable 350 dollars wasn’t enough. Soon, the bride’s mom came in and was speechless to witness their quarrel.

The woman wondered why the mother-in-law spoke to her future bride in that disrespectful way. The MIL couldn’t come down and demanded that the bride paid everything since she had no money and relied on her only.

The bride’s mom couldn’t hide her anger and claimed that her daughter owed her nothing. They even considered not letting her come to the wedding which became the subject of discussions.

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