A teen boy is not ready for fatherhood, puts his newborn up for adoption and accidentally meets him years later

He smelled something fishy, did a DNA test and this is what he discovered! For the full story – see the article!

Today’s interesting story is about a guy who had to make a hard decision. The whole thing is that as a 17-year-old teen his girlfriend and he had a child but he wasn’t ready for fatherhood. The lack of maturity and his parents’ claims led him to put the baby up for adoption.

Years later, already as a 27-year-old league baseball coach, he encountered a new student whose appearance raised his eyebrows. He looked exactly like his late girlfriend and such questions as «Might he be my son?» bothered him all the time.

His girlfriend passed away giving birth and, having no other choice and being totally unprepared for parenthood, the guy agreed to put the baby up for adoption. He couldn’t find his place and rushed to contact Robert’s parents.

As he found out, he was actually adopted. After several attempts, he managed to persuade them to allow him to take a test which confirmed that the boy was his biological father. The parents let them form a bond.

In fact, Robert was being raised by a single mom. Believe it or not, Daniel could steal the heart of the woman and they got married. Now, Robert had a complete family.

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