Everyone laughed at her, calling her «disgusting», but many years later, she shut the mouths of her haters

Stronger than her haters

Lizzie Velasquez was born in 1989 and weighed only 1.2 pounds. She looked different from other babies at the same age. Doctors found out that she has a very rare disease called Marfan Syndrome, which can be found in a few people.

When she grew up and went to kindergarten, other children began to laugh at her. But at that time she didn’t understand what was wrong with her, because she was sure that she looked like others.

But when she became 16 years old, her heart was completely broken because of an inhuman action of a nasty person. He shared a video of the girl with the title «The ugliest woman in the world». It collected millions of views and many people wrote negative comments under the video.

Lizzie didn’t understand how people could be so wicked and how they could write so many bad words to the sick girl.

Although many people would be heartbroken and would never want to appear in society, Lizzie was not like them. She was stronger than people expected and she proved it at the age of 28.

She became a famous businesswoman and a successful person in life. She started to appear in front of the audience frequently.

Now she travels throughout the world and teaches everyone how to love yourself. She tells everyone her story, but it is not her story, it’s everyone’s story.

She is stronger than her haters and now over 700.000 people follow her on her YouTube channel. She is famous in the world and many people appreciate her courage and strong will.

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