This strong-willed girl lost more than 90 kilos in order to have the wedding of her dreams

For her dream wedding and gorgeous look, this girl lost 92 kilos

Today’s incredible story is about a young girl who managed to lose more than 90 kilos for her dream wedding which is beyond imagination.

The couple of Vicky and David has long been familiar and first met when the girl worked in a pensioner security and her boyfriend was a member in an IT company. As they couldn’t manage to always lead a healthy lifestyle and periodically ate fast food, their appearance was far from ideal. Everything radically changed when David, her boyfriend raised a question about their wedding. The girl was in a shock every time she imagined herself in a wedding dress.

At that time, Vicky weighed over 170 kilos and strongly determined to lose weight and make herself look better. She began to limit herself in food but as the changes were slight and nothing was really noticeable, the wedding ceremony had to be canceled.

Though they already got engaged, she refused to plan on their wedding until she looked better.

The girl used many methods to lose weight starting from strict diets to active way of life but the results didn’t please her for a long time. She finally decided to turn to Slimming World and her mother also joined her.

With the help of dieticians and food experts, she quitted on eating fast food and snacks. Vicky still loved burgers and, instead of buying them as she did previously, she occasionally made them on her own from healthy food products. Vicky started to walk her dog more often and train in the gym with her boyfriend as well.

Their long-waited wedding ceremony went well and everything was simply amazing. The newlyweds looked young and absolutely adorable. As a result, Vicky managed to lose 92 kilos, David lost 44 and her mother 38.

The family confesses that they have never felt so comfortable in their own bodies as they do at the moment. They advise all of us to stop eating fast food, not expect to lose weight immediately and have enough patience and determination.

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