“Great transformation”: This man became unrecognizable due to many plastic surgeries and now has an attractive body

The man spent all money on plastic surgeries and now possesses an attractive body

Kylie Myers from the town of South Shields doesn’t remember the last time her beloved boyfriend took her to a café or a restaurant. She hasn’t even got presents on occasions for already several years. The couple simply can’t afford to buy anything as they became extremely poor. The thing is that the money they earn serves for the ideal body of her boyfriend which he created himself. Kylie’s friends envy her as the girl has got such an attractive and handsome man.

Today’s heroes Adam and Kylie

The couple first encountered in the gym and they immediately realized they actually had a lot in common. Initially, Adam trained 6 days a week, but then he ruined his schedule and quitted training. Especially during the winter holidays, Adam managed to gain a lot of weight and Kylie started to gradually lose interest in him. She got disappointed in her boyfriend’s unkempt body saying that in a couple of years the man would already look aged and unattractive.

Here is Adam several years ago

And this is how he looks now

The man rushed to spend it on teeth whitening. They ate oatmeal and there were also rinses in the bathroom. Afterwards, there were Botox injections, the correction of the chin and a strict diet. Adam didn’t bring money home anymore.

After less than a year, Adam went to Turkey for plastic surgeries. This was artistic liposuction when fat s pumped out pointwise – removing it on the sides, then it is compulsory to emphasize the pectoral muscles. The saggy skin is then processed to shrink around that fat. And finally, it turns out a beautiful relief. Adam came back from Turkey fully covered with bandages and for months Kylie helped pump out the oozing fluid.

Then Adam threw away all his clothes as none of them fitted him. And the entire money is now spent on buying new clothes. The man literally became unrecognizable due to his great transformation.

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