This lucky family won a luxurious white mansion participating in the lottery

A young family won a luxurious mansion spending only 10 dollars

This fortunate woman recently won a luxurious and desirable mansion which, all in all, costs about 5 million pounds.

Ben and Becca Pott, a young family, who lately became parents, was fortunate enough to win a really gorgeous white mansion. The wife bought a lucky ticket paying less than 10 dollars in January. Now she is surprisingly the owner of this luxurious mansion which costs about 5 million dollars.

Ben Pott never gave up trying to win something in lottery but he was, probably, not fortunate enough. This year, he forgot to participate but this wife thought she simply couldn’t miss the excellent opportunity.

The family previously lived in the east part of London with their neighbors. Becca recently gave birth to her first baby who is now 7 months old. The woman has been on maternity leave since summer, 2021, and her beloved husband is an accountant by profession.

They cried joyfully cries when the company announced it was them who won the main prize. And the keys of the luxurious white mansion were given to their little daughter.

Benn and Becca couldn’t even imagine that their little child would celebrate her first birthday in such a gorgeous mansion consisting of eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, elegant and modern furniture and an enormous garden.

Becca confessed that the house in which they used to live was so cramped that they didn’t feel themselves comfortable and now they were lucky enough to have won a house many can only dream of.

The spouses added that their life has radically changed since they obtained such a luxurious and desirable mansion. They are now more than sure that their daughter won’t ever be in need for something.

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