R. Gere’s wife “It was a matter of fate. We realized that once we first met”

How Richard Gere and his third wife met and formed a relationship

Alexandra Silva, the beloved wife of Gere claims that her husband and her were literally created and destined for each other.

Many hold the opinion that when the spouses gradually get older, the romantic part of their married life immediately disappears, instead, daily problems and household duties start to rise, but in their case it is, fortunately, an exception. Though Richard Gere is already rather old, he never ceases to surprise or make her beloved wife feel loved and wanted.

They add that finding one’s soulmate is one of the most difficult and challenging experiences which, as a rule, requires much effort and time. But when you two finally meet, it will undoubtedly last forever. Such wonderful thing happened to the actor Richard Gere and his young wife Alexandra Silva.

They first met in 2014 and immediately felt a special connection and emotional attachment towards each other. Richard was a friend of the woman’s family and saw Alexandra growing even since her early childhood. But they encountered as adults with the help of their mutual friend and the stunning woman and the successful actor surely knew they were utterly created for each other.

Richard recalls: “Our mutual friend introduced us with one and other and we instantly felt that deep emotional attachment and special bond.

Richard sent her beautiful and gorgeous bouquets of flowers every day trying to make her pay attention to him which continues even today. The caring husband regularly does something nice or pleasant so as to make her young wife feel loved and protected.

They got married in 2018. The wedding ceremony took place in New York with the frame of their closest relations and friends.

It was, in fact, his third marriage. Before this one, Richard lived with Cindy Crawford who, after their tragic divorce, confessed that she was too young and didn’t take it all seriously.

After his unsuccessful marriage with Cindy, the actor married a model and actress named Carey Lowell. They lived a happy life for 14 years. She gave birth to a son but this marriage was, unluckily, a failure as well.

Richard Gere still adores and is proud of having the most beautiful, nice-looking, clever and kind woman, as he mentions. According to him, she tries to help each and every soul living on this planet. She always donates money, does charity and is tolerate and optimistic in her essence.

In 2019. They had a son, and in a year, in April 2020 one more son.

Currently, the spouses are in isolation in Round Ridge, not far from New York.

His darling is pleasingly surprised how her beloved husband never stops preparing surprises making her feel appreciated and valued.

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