This girl had so much fan the day before that she found her shoes in a very strange place

This girl decided not to drink alcohol anymore after she found her heels

This young 20-year-old London resident regrettably confessed that she got drunk on that day during the party and then couldn’t remember anything. However it might be inappropriate and not permitted for a 20-year-old young girl to get this much drunk having fun with her friends, she accidentally found her shoes in the next morning and got extremely embarrassed.

This is Tia-Ray. She is quite a reasonable, adequate girl. Well, she used to think of herself that way.

Her mom’s disappointed reaction made her convince herself that she shouldn’t ever take a sip of alcohol. Her self-criticizing reaction on the social media instantly went viral and among those who heavily criticized or mocked her there were also those who tried to console and comfort her. Well, even Kate Middleton at least twice had her heels stuck in the lattice, what is more, in front of public!

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