The woman stopped painting over her gray hair when she calculated how much she spends on it

The natural beauty, that is much more beautiful

A person can correct almost all of his shortcomings. And certainly all the defects in appearance – modern technology and the accumulated experience of centuries allow this. The question is it really worth striving for? Especially if you are an ordinary woman, not a star or a celebrity, and your wallet is not at all full of banknotes of great denomination.

Meet Miranda Parker. Here she is 41 years old

This is not a fashion color, most of Miranda’s hair is gray

And this is a long time ago, she had her first gray strands at the age of 20

It took another 18 years to learn to accept your gray hair

And before that, Miranda every two weeks, as scheduled, ran to the hairdresser to paint

Brunette of indeterminate shade, closer to black. The darker, the farther from the gray, the better.

Everything ends, good and bad. After two decades of struggling with gray hair, Miranda realized that she had lost the point of the undertaking. Firstly, the paint still peels off and the process was endless. Secondly, this empty occupation has already cost her $ 21,000, a thousand dollars a year. But she is not from the rich and the situation in the economy is not encouraging. To make matters worse, she developed a kind of addiction and Miranda realized that she planned her life according to the painting schedule. Lives from one visit to the hairdresser to the next.

And she decided to stop it – stopped painting over her gray hair

At first it was very scary – in general, without specifics

It’s not so easy to take and give up what was the basis of your life, albeit a forced one.

The gray hair seemed to feel weak and went into growth – now there are much more gray hair

But Miranda is no longer afraid. She turned the page of life and went a new way!

Miranda regrets only one thing – that she dragged on for a long time with a decision. Could have saved a fair amount of money.

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