8-year-old girl born without legs surprised everyone and became a gymnast

A strong girl’s story proves, that one can achieve her goals if she really wants

Paige Kalendin has a serious form of disability since birth: the girl was born without legs. But since childhood, the little girl admired the gymnasts, and her family took her to go in for sports. It was important for Paige to keep herself in good shape, because the muscles in her arms had to be as strong as possible.

The girl quickly became interested in sports and began to take gymnastics much more seriously than just a way to strengthen muscles. Now she is eight, and for several years she has been part of the gymnast team in the US state of Ohio. The girl herself told reporters:

“I feel that gymnastics is my calling, I will not stop doing it. I want to continue to train, come up with programs and participate in sports competitions.” The coach and teammates of little Paige Kalendin fully support her zeal.

But in gymnastics, the girl’s interests are not limited. She is engaged in archery and even swimming, cheerleading. The family adjusts her schedule to include as many sports as possible. After all, at the age of eight, the girl is thinking about participating in the Paralympics.


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Her story proves that you can achieve any heights if you really want to.

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