This guy from US sent a present to Philippines. In 10 years this situation turned into a real fairy tale

A matter of fate! A kid sent a Christmas present for a charity project and in 10 years met a love of his life

This amazing real-life story is much alike a film or a fairy tale yet it actually happened in reality. The whole situation started this way: In 2000 a gentle-hearted 7-year-old kind from the US took part in a charity project.

The good-natured kid collected some small presents, wrote touching letters and put his photo in a box as well. It was a Christmas present and exactly where the package was sent he didn’t ever recall. Before long, he forgot about that at all.

In nearly 10 years someone requested to follow him on Facebook. Initially, the guy was convinced that was a spam so he neglected the request.

But after a while, he could witness the same girl requesting to befriend with him over and over. And as it was discovered that person was the little girl who previously received a Christmas present from that kind-hearted guy due to a charity project. The young people started to communicate and soon befriended with each other. In 2014, the guy even intended to visit her which was the very first time he flew to such a distant place completely on his own. He was extremely nervous and confused as he didn’t actually know whether the girl liked him or not.

But when they eventually met, it became clear they were meant for each other. After some time, the guy flew to visit the girl again, but this time with a promise ring to propose her.

At the end, the happy couple got married and that was undoubtedly a matter of fate.

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