This woman now works at a supermarket, yet everyone dreamed of her signature 30 years ago

Everybody sincerely dreamed of the autograph of the woman who now works at a supermarket

This woman got a job at a supermarket and no customer could ever imagine who actually stands there- at the checkout. As it was found out, this lady was very popular and famous worldwide over 30 years ago and her compositions were adored by absolutely everyone.

Three years ago, to one of the supermarkets, Ireland, came a 54-year-old woman. The main reason she desired for that job was that she urgently needed money as her husband was seriously sick. The employer felt a pity for the woman and let her work there. And now it is already three years the woman diligently works at a supermarket. Whereas, no one can predict that a woman standing at the checkout was the winner of the 1993 Eurovision. She effortlessly defeated every other singer with her legendary song “In your eyes”.

According to her, she worked at the theatre before her husband suffered a heart attack who couldn’t move and even speak as an ordinary human.

The salary the theatre offered was extremely low and she had to get another job. During first days, she felt extreme discomfort and was confused, yet, after some time, she overcame all the obstacles and got used to the new environment due to her adaptability and firm determination.

Some costumers appear to recognize the talented singer and wonder what was the reason she quitted singing and now works at a market. Whereas the woman doesn’t reveal it. Due to the relatively high salary the woman gets, she managed to take her husband to a good rehabilitation center.

Despite all this, she is not going to leave the theatre. She actively takes part in concerts and performances.

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