The girl decided not to shop in second hands anymore after discovering this note hidden in a blazer’s pocket

The lady found a note in a blazer’s pocket revealing the previous owner wished to be buried in that very blazer

Second hand is a great opportunity for people with low budget to buy really good and brandy clothes at a relatively reasonable price. Yet, shopping in such shops may end up a real catastrophe. The heroine of this story appeared in a similar bad situation after which she said she would never buy anything there anymore.

One of the customers got a very stylistic and trendy red blazer which seemed as if being completely brand new. She dreamed of such a fashionable thing and now she luckily obtained it.

The girl happily bought the blazer, returned home and planned wearing it during the party that evening. Whereas, there was an unpleasant surprise impatiently waiting for her. The note she discovered in a pocket which revealed that the previous owner of this blazer hinted her relations to bury her in that very dress. The girl’s unlimited happiness immediately disappeared and she regretted the fact the poor previous owner’s wish wouldn’t come true.

Yet, there was another explanation for this: the previous owner’s life has been changed for the better and she wanted to return the blazer. So the girl wanted to calm herself this way.


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