The softhearted firefighters couldn’t stay insensitive witnessing the two pitiable donkeys escaping from wildfires in California

These heroic firefighters proved to be not only extremely brave-hearted but also very generous and benevolent enough during battling fires in California. Once the two of them spotted two fatigued and worn out donkeys in the middle of the road, they instantly rushed to offer their precious help to the pitiable animals showing that the kindness can truly save the world, or, at least, lives of two adorable and defenseless creatures.

The legendary firefighters from the Sacramento Fire Department were rushing to take a fallen tree away from a road, California. As they were driving through a territory which was tragically affected by the disastrous wildfires, they surely couldn’t imagine to meet anything or anyone but ashes. All of a sudden, they witnessed something moving coming from the smoke. It turned out to be two poor donkeys endeavoring to escape from the fires.

The concerned firefighters got closer to the pitiable creatures to check if everything was alright with them and, as it was figured out, the animals were in a desperate need of food and water. The heroes didn’t mind sharing their lunch with them.

They explained the way they looked exhausted and extremely poor. And they immediately showed signs of gratitude once the men fed them with a couple of apples.

Afterwards, the softhearted firefighters called the Animal Control to inform about the incident and were eager to stay with the suffering animals until the rescue team finally arrived. Absolutely everyone showed respect and acknowledgement towards the heroic firefighters!

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