The stray doggy, who was found by the redeemers 4 months later, was stuck in the snow

The poor doggy disappeared 4 months ago and was found in the desert of California. Once, when people skied and enjoyed the cold winter in the desert, they noticed a poor doggy who was stuck deeply in the snow.

The name of the cutie is Russ, who is 3 years old. In August of 2021 the great Caldor fire occured in California’s Lake. Many people lost their houses, property, members of families, and the nice baby lost his owner.

The poor animal gained the attention of the skiers who took a photo and sent to the organization of Tahoe PAWS.

The leader of the organization got a letter from one of the rescuers about the bad condition of the poor animal, in which he wrote that doggy had stayed under the snow all day and he needed help. They must quickly deal with that problem.

There were some problems connected to equipments, for that reason El Dorado County Animal Services Officer Kyle Shumaker didn’t manage to get there.
So many volunteers solved that problem bringing the necessary equipments to the office. When they reached to that place it was already dark.

The doggy was hardly moved towards the mountain and was fallen under the tree. When the cutie moved his head and opened his eyes the happiness of the people was indescribable.

One of the rescuers wrote about her feelings when she noticed the poor animal under the tree. After noticing that the doggy opened his eyes, she became so happy, that her voice was heard under the mountain.

Although the doggy was frozen, he was quite quiet with his new friends. They found the best way to get him down.

Fortunately, they managed to take the poor cutie down keeping him warm and harmless.

First they cured the doggy then made an announcement in order to search for his owner.

Finally they succeeded to find his family and due to their great job the poor animal became happy again.

The owner got surprised when he heard that his doggy was alive, because after looking for everywhere they knew for sure that their animal died.

The doggy found his family before Christmas.

This case shows that if there are families who have lost their pets they can apply to local Animal Services for support.

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