Climbers returned to the mountain to save a helpless dog, who accompanied them  

What a pleasing story! 

A climbing team from Mexico was lately climbing up the countries’s highest mountain to rescue a homeless dog, that was stuck almost a month on the top of the passive volcano in Veracruz. 

A mixed-breed dog, named Canelo was found on Pico de Orizaba for a month, because he accompanied a group of mountain climbers. 

In order to go back down the mountain together with the hikers, Canelo remained and somehow was able to handle freezing temperatures. 

Layo Aguilar managed to gather a group of experienced and apprentice climbers to save the dog.

The climbers carried the little dog their way down in turns from Pico de Orizaba in Veracruz, Mexico.

“I cuddled it and felt, that he answered like in a language of a human”-Aguilar wrote on Facebook.

This passive volcano is the highest mountain in Mexico. 

A local shelter worker, named Fatima del Angel took the baby to the vet, in order it to be cared and adopted. 

Aguilar wrote, that she would never think, that a dog could become so important to her. 

“I felt sad, when I said him goodbye, put him on the transporter, but it is for his sake, because I wasn’t able to keep him” 

The dog became internationally popular and is now probably flushed with adoption offers. 

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