Pigeon’s wonderful action making up a nest out of red poppies stealing from the Soldier Memorial left everyone speechless

In Australia, a fabulous pigeon that was making a nest with bloody-red poppies surprised everyone.

It was, later on, announced that this creative pigeon was illegally taking those poppies from one of the War Memorials, using the symbolic flowers to prevent himself from getting injured by the pigeon wire sited on the doorway where it built up her own nest. The bird’s outstanding action made everyone admire the genius pigeon and the important of poppies as a symbol of endurance for the fallen soldiers during the wars.

People who were there on that certain day noticed that gradually all the poppies were surprisingly disappearing and they couldn’t find out what was going on until someone managed to witness all the red flowers next to a glass window. The bird’s extraordinary gesture was finally discovered. Before long, the pigeon was witnessed carrying one more red flower in his tiny beak and everyone was so happy realizing that the thief was actually an innocent bird trying to defend its home.

What is more amazing, the very place where the bird’s nest was built, also illustrates the memorial for soldiers as though establishing the inseparable connection between a human and a bird. One of the historians who witnessed the scene claimed that this birds have always been an effective source to receive massages and only pigeons possess the power to do that when no one else can.

Even while The World War two, they had a special role in interactions between people and are integrated in so many rescues.

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