Miranda Bought a House and Found a Note in It – It Was a Request to Help a Street Cat

An American named Miranda moved to live in an old house which she bought recently in one of the cities of Washington state.  When she entered the hall she saw a note on the table which was left by the previous owners.

An elderly couple asked to take care of an old 12-year-old cat who has been living in the area adjacent to the house for many years.  The animal was born there but she had an unsociable character and she never let anyone close to her and she had always been living on the street.

Miranda wasn’t frightened by this request at all.  She also had 5 catties most of whom she picked up on the street.

The next morning, the “old resident” went to the door and it seemed that he wanted to meet the new inhabitants of the dwelling.  Miranda named the red-haired cutie Lucky.  He quickly found a common language with the girl and he also made friends not only with her five cats but even got along with the doggy.  Lucky the cutie sometimes even plays with the girl’s pets but Miranda couldn’t get close to the redhead because he ran away from her every time.

The new mistress got a little disappointed because of the “uncommunicativeness” of the old inhabitant of the courtyard but ir seems that they are starting to get along together. She feeds him several times a day and watches how the cat sometimes plays with her furry petties.

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