The caring vets played an important role in the recovery of the Pit Bull
Due to the great effort of the helpful doctors the poor doggy got an excellent treatment Being a veterinarian is not an easy profession, because they deal with
This awesome calf was born with a perfectly heart-shaped mark on its head and is named “Be My Valentine” by the farmers
This unique calf with a heart mark on its head was born exactly on Valentine’s day The day of the Valentine is a holiday that is celebrated all
This splendid and extremely rare cardinal with an unusual pigmentation was spotted by a retired birdwatcher in Tennessee
This magnificent one-in-a-million cardinal’s beauty is something out of this world An enthusiastic 68-year-old retired resident in Gallatin, Tennessee was absolutely astonished witnessing a very charming and strange
After suggesting some food to the hungry doggy, he did an unexpected step.
The crazy doggy’s answer to the driver’s question if he wants some food or not is so amusing How amazing to see that the animal invited himself to
 It is amazing to see how the kid, who has some health problems, shows his crutches to his lovely doggy
By shouting the doggy the child wants to show his crutches. It is so adorable! Roman Dinkel, 2 years old baby, suffers a lot because of the illness
The dog looked disapprovingly as the passerby threw away the paper cup. He grabbed the trash and threw it in the bin
The smart dog: he took a very graceful step Jack was an incredibly smart puppy. His favorite trick is to bring slippers to guests to make them fall
While teaching his dogs a new interesting trick, it is the adorable cat that deeply impresses the owner
A wonderful feline surprising her owner with the excellent tricks she performs Regardless of being fond of dogs or being cat lovers, it is beyond any doubt that
After so many years, this grown-up lioness instantly recognizes and warmly greets her savior who raised her from birth
This emotional scene reveals an adult lioness cuddling with the man who rescued her In this incredible and exciting moment, this saved lioness shares the warmest hugs with
In forty-degree frost, a street dog was allowed to warm up with the first time.
The funny relationships of two dogs, one of whom was homeless and frozen Robin hardly remembered how he was kept at home as a puppy. As soon as
The kitten looked with interest at the young company playing snowballs. And then rushed to attack his future owner
A funny game of snowballs! Touching meeting of Christina and her kitten There was a real snow fight going on in the park. At leat a dozen students,
A lovable dolphin jumps out of the water and gives the sweetest kiss to one of the dogs
This heart-melting moment will brighten up your day! The dolphin and a dog sharing a kiss Perhaps, the cutest and most adorable video you have even witnessed. While
A Dog Came Across an Abandoned Kitty in Rain During a Short Break 
When a kind dog met the little cutie in rain it made his heart melt. We may love all the animals equally much and that’s true of course
These generous wildlife rangers managed to save a 1-week-old baby giraffe who was seriously harmed after losing his mom
Heroic rescue mission completed by these rangers! The baby giraffe is now saved While many people stay completely indifferent towards wild animals, some of them are ready to
The zookeepers were amazed witness this cat and an extinctive rhino warmly cuddling with each other
The heartwarming bond between this cat and a rare bleak rhino. This may sound something unimaginable to you! When it concerned the interspecies relationships between animals, the nature
Even until now, people hesitate if it is actually a bird or a weird character from a science fiction film
Believe it or not, it is actually an enormous eagle! This footage shows a massive harpy eagle that went viral in the internet with many viewers hesitating if
The owner, after finding with his missing parrot, finds out he now speaks Spanish
This interesting parrot will definitely make your day Some parrots have the ability to talk brilliantly and this one will definitely amaze you. The amazing bird, that disappeared
The baby elephant always goes after a woman, who rescued her life
An amazing connection, an elephant followed her saver everywhere.  The little elephant, named Moyo was saved from the drowning, when he was passing the river. She was left
This exclusive and unique creature is the only albino orangutan ever found on our planet
Here is Alba, one of the most magnificent and gorgeous creature you have hardly seen since she is the only albino orangutan discovered in nature. The very distinctive
Olympic gold medalist, after his victory in synchronized diving, was spotted knitting jumpers for dogs
This Olympic gold medalist got popularity all over the world not only representing his country in a brilliant way, but also was regarded a softhearted hero due to
The firefighters took photos with clever animals for supporting charities
In cold winter a great number of handsome firefighters supported a lot of animals by taking photos with them and sending them to many organizations which deal with
In this heartwarming scene a baby koala strongly refuses to leave his mother during life-saving operation
Mom’s and kid’s unconditional and great love is absolutely incredible phenomena and this also concerns the animals. Just like humans, the animal mothers are extremely overprotective and caring
The cutest thing A Rhesus Monkey adopts a homeless puppy
 When people need to know how to be generous and warm-hearted, they must look at the animals around them. It’s very difficult for monkeys to find food and
A Walrus Fell Asleep on One Place And Woke Up on Another One
This is such an interesting sleep story which went wrong and led to such an incredible ending. If you have ever had a nap on the bus or
The Cameras Captured the Moment When the Hero Rescues Strangers’ Pets
Paul Murphy was forced to stop his morning run in order to rescue strangers’ pets when he noticed that there was a house which was on fire. There
This adorable parrot with its bright blue color, known from the popular movie “Rio”, is now on the list of extinctive birds
According to the investigations of BirdLife International organization, eight bird species became extinct during the last few years and the distinctive blue parrot, famous from the movie “Rio”,
Abandoned by his family sick little elephant made friends with a service dog
Elephant are famous for being very smart. They are also very sociable animals, who are prospering in their family.  It’s Ellie, a small baby elephant, who was abandoned
An enormous whale rift next to the small boat  
Nature always shows us all its majesty to remind us about its astonishment.  And such moment was captured in the Californian waters at Monteray Bay, a distinguished place
Hawaiian catty’s favourite activity is surfing and swiming with his owner
After being adopted by a family which saved him and gave a great love, the catty began to participate in their favourite activity which was surfing and swimming.
A crow flies on the back of an eagle in the air 
Phoo Chan is a talented bird photographer with a good track record, and we present you his series of photos called once-in-a-lifetime.  It’s a crow flying on the
The Story of a Unique Beautiful Blue Jay with Baby Feathers
This cute “teenager” seems to be doubting in transitioning between leaving in his grey baby feathers and changing into the blue ones. Like the human beings animals should