People laughed at her when she bought an old mill, but she transformed it and now everyone dreams of living there

51-year-old woman buys an old mill for pennies and turns it into a dream house! 😲💪She shares the incredible transformation and surprises everyone with the results! 😍👏For more – see this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s interesting article is about a woman whose living standards radically differ from those of others. Currently, she is 71 and here is her incredible story. She spent most of her life in Turku (Finland) and worked as an artist.

When she became a retiree, she began selling her unique glass paintings but only a small income came which wasn’t enough for basic needs and loan repayments. Hilkka determined to start a new chapter at the age of 51 and this is what she undertook.

She eventually sold her house, borrowed money from her brother and bought an old mill which initially seemed something insane for the others. The former condition of the mill left a lot to be desired. It had been abandoned for years and needed significant repairs.

Hilkka’s incredible story hit the media and let no single one remain indifferent. The whole thing is that she managed to change it beyond recognition and make a place of which millions could only dream. It now looks stylish, modern and welcoming.

It took her no less than 10 years to complete the reconstruction process. They spent one whole year for cleaning and getting rid of all the garbage. The reconstruction process brought together many people: workers, volunteers, neighbors and even Hilkka’s family.

It is worth mentioning that Hilkka faced many difficulties during these years including a broken ankle and two ischemic strokes. The house is full of the owner’s fantastic works and attracts everyone who passes by.

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