The family fits everything perfectly in a 5.5 sq. m. kitchen and piques everyone’s interest

The couple shows how to fit everything in a 53 square ft. kitchen! 🧐😉 They turned a tiny place into a modern kitchen and surprised everyone with the final results which you too can see in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s incredible story is about Svetlana’s and her husband’s kitchen whose creative-mindedness and originality stormed the entire network. This compact kitchen occupies around 5.5 sq. m. and was designed the way so that it could maximize space and functionality.

Despite its tininess, it looks like a dream for all minimalists and perfectionists for being well-organized and lacking anything useless and unneeded. The family determined to replace the front door with a contemporary model featuring glass inserts.

They decided to choose a round  table which turned out to be the best options. Their preference fell on built-in appliances and artificial stone countertops. They also integrated a built-in fridge and electric boiler.

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