«Life as a US immigrant» A woman candidly shows her living conditions and leaves everyone speechless

She shows what life looks like 3 years after immigrating to the US! 🤫🧐The woman shared honest photos and stormed the network! 😲🤯 For more – see the article! 👇👇👇

The heroine of today lives in a 1BR which means a one-room apartment consisting of one bedroom, guest-room, kitchen and bathroom. This is what it looks like from the outside. Now, after 3 years of moving to the US, the girl shares in what conditions she lives.

There is also a large parking place which, however, is private. The distinct is rather quiet and the climate here is mild and pleasant. The moment one enters it, the first thing that piques our interest is the guest-room. The kitchen is separated by a bar table.

The atmosphere in the bedroom is pleasant to the eye as well. It also features a TV and a large abstract painting on the wall besides the queen-size bed and side tables. The bathroom deserves our special attention too. It is designed in a minimalistic style.

She shares that they pay 1700 dollars per month and can say that there is nothing else she needs. The apartment is in a rather prestigious distinct and is ideal both for tourists and locals.

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