«Beauty also looks like this!» The incredible journey of this unique model with Vitiligo deserves our special attention

People call her «a cow» or someone who was doused with acid! 💔😬 A non-standard model with Vitiligo shared a full-height photo and caused a furor! 😱😳 For more – see the article! 👇👇👇

Here is Eman Hikens, an unusual 30-year-old woman from Ghana. When one first takes a glance at her, it is far not clear what she suffers. Some abusively call her «a cow» or «a girl who was doused with acid». In fact, she suffers Vitiligo, a rare skin disorder.

She has always been mocked and laughed at by her peers who missed no chance to criticize the poor girl. Eman’s journey was fraught with misunderstanding, isolation and insecurities. Over years, she learnt to accept and love herself the way she was.

Soon, her unusual beauty caught the close attention of modeling agencies. She started to use her popularity to raise awareness about Vitiligo and promote self-love. She encourages everyone worldwide to love themselves and spread positivity.

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