«About eating raw turtles and battling sharks» The breathtaking story about the couple who survived under unbearable conditions

They lived in the ocean among sharks for months and this is how they survived! 🤯🫣The mind-blowing journey of Bailey spouses that will astonish everyone! 😟🤫 To learn more – see the article! 👇👇👇

However unbelievable it might seem, today’s incredible couple went through a breathtaking journey at sea. They officially can be called the spouses who survived under unbearable conditions. They got married in 1962.

It was in 1973 that a tragic incident occurred and they encountered with a whale that destroyed their yacht. They were abandoned in the open sea, survived on meager supplies and faced hunger. The couple battled sharks for months.

They had no choice but to eat raw turtles and birds. Instead of giving up, their bond became even tighter. After 117 days of survival, they were rescued by a Korean fishing vessel. Later, they shared insights about their journey in the book «117 Days Adrift».

Unfortunately, Marilyn passed away due to cancer, while Maurice lived on and cherished their fond memories together. They are a prime example of a resilient and enduring couple.

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