Woman divorces her husband, leaves everything behind and converts a miserable shed into her dream house

Divorced and heartbroken, woman moves into a small shed and builds a new life for herself! 👏😲 She welcomes all of us to her tiny dream house! 🧐🤭See the photos in the article and enjoy the atmosphere! 👇👇👇

In today’s reality, a lot of people have switched to small houses which is primarily connected with the fact that they take an attempt to have a smaller carbon footprint and live on a small budget. Mainly, such houses cost much and are ideal for travelers and introverts.

Switching into tiny houses somehow makes the owners to become more minimalistic and creative about how to store things and organize everything properly. Today’s heroine who has recently got divorced decided to leave everything behind and start a new life.

Today, we are presenting you a heather which is a traveler plus a  van lifer. The heather was only 10×11 and, initially, it seemed impossible for her to convert it into a dream house. At first sight, it looks like an ordinary barn until one enters it.

Watch the video and enjoy the atmosphere!

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