“Age catches up with everyone:” Richard Gere spotted on a stroll with his much younger, stunning wife

Age is no match for anyone: Richard Gere spotted taking a stroll with his youthful and stunning wife 🧐🧐 At 73 years old, Gere’s age gap with his wife is strikingly evident in recent photos 😳😳 Check out the photos in the article below! 👇

At 73 years old, Richard Gere’s age gap with his wife is more noticeable than ever.

Richard Gere has been married three times, and his third wife is 30 years younger than him. Alejandra Silva, who is the daughter of the vice-president of Real Madrid, previously lived a lavish life supported by alimony from her billionaire ex-husband before marrying Gere.

Richard has often praised Alejandra for her beauty, intelligence, and charisma. Alejandra, in turn, has expressed deep love for her husband. The couple’s rare public appearances continue to draw attention.

Now at 73, Richard Gere’s age is evident next to his wife. The once-dark-haired man now sports gray hair and a contemplative look in his eyes, yet he retains his trademark sweet smile.

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