«She ages like fine wine!» 60-year-old Elle Macpherson reveals her beauty tips and secrets to agelessness

People call her the one with the thinnest waist in Australia and they are absolutely right! 😉🤌 The fans rushed to double-check Macpherson’s age after her recent outing! 🧐🤨 It’s unfair how amazing a 6️⃣0️⃣-year-old woman can look! 🤤❤️‍🔥 Attention! 💥 She shares all the secrets to her timeless beauty! 🤫 See the article and take notes! 👇

The latest outing of Elle Macpherson has been surfacing online. There is hardly anyone who will question the identity of this world-renowned Australian supermodel who has the nickname «The Body». Despite her age, she keeps captivating millions with her slim figure, unfading charm and charisma.

Her appearance at a «Raffaello» chocolate brand event was truly remarkable. The ageless star was dressed in a bold tight-fitting dress with sheer fabric cutouts which gave even more spice to her image.

As perfect complements, she wore a silver clutch, matching jewelry and stylish sunglasses. Her gorgeous blonde hair was styled in delicate curls. Elle looked fresh, natural, and, undoubtedly, her best.

«I start my day with a smile at 5 AM. Then I devote 30 minutes to meditations before fully waking up. This practice allows me to take care of my mind, body, and spirit. After that, I drink warm water with lemon or lime. Instead of coffee to wake up, I prefer adding cayanne pepper to my morning drinks».

Then, she has a smoothie that is good to her skin. Afterwards, the supermodel starts her outdoor workouts which include walking, cycling and swimming. For «reset», she also prefers to take a cold shower.

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